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Pure Breathing Air

Keep your operatives Safe

Our complete understanding of the contamination present in compressed breathing air and the associated potential health risks allows us to purify respiratory air with a high margin of safety in accordance with EN12021. When compressed air enters the lungs the influence on health is immediate and potentially long lasting.



Air Quality Testing.


We provide the tools to help you ensure that the respiratory air supplied to your staff is contaminant free in accordance with COSHH and EN12021 keeping them ‘safe and well’to perform at optimum levels. Management of air quality is only possible if the air quality is tested on a regular basis.



Air quality is Vital.

SafeWell understands types of contamination present in compressed air and the potential risk to your product quality and reputation. We provide a total solution allowing clean, dry, oil free process air to be produced efficiently from any compressor.


Pure Drinking Water

Safe Drinking Water

Safe water is essential to life and we can provide you with a fully integrated, scalable solution for purification and management of drinking water quality whatever the water source may be e.g. borehole, surface or existing well


Wastewater Treatment

Purification of wastewater

The treatment of industrial wastewater at source reduces trade effluent costs, is vital in preventing hazardous contaminants from polluting the environment, and allows treated wastewater to be discharged or recycled without major impact on delicate ecosystems.We provide proven solutions.



Monitor Process 24/7/365

Monitor & manage key performance indicators from your business processes in real time, using GPRS and our secure Viewprocess web sites.Apply this to monitor energy use, provide early warning of impending equipment failure, maintenance alerts and product quality issues.Use your IT infrastructure as a resource to protect your investment, the environment and the planet.


Company Overview - Our Safety Assurance Solutions


SafeWell provides integrated safety assurance solutions to support our clients safety management systems helping them comply with specific health and safety and environmental legislation.


Specific areas of expertise include:


  • Safety management of compressed air used for respiratory protection in applications such as fabric maintenance (shot blasting and painting, tank cleaning) and decommissioning in the oil and gas / industrial sectors.
  • Risk assessement and validation of compressed air quality used in safety critical processes such as filling Breathing Air cylinders, nitrogen generation, process control and air used in hazardous areas on offshore assets,
  • Training and Competence assessments for Heath and Safety Management professionals and offshore personnel tasked with validation of air quality.
  • Service and Calibration of safety equipment
  • Functional Safety assessments and audits of automation systems used in safety critical processes such as diving and process control on offshore assets.
  • Automation system engineering and implementation.
  • Water and wastewater purification.


We work with our clients to generate risk awareness throughout their organisation,developing practical solutions to effectively manage and prevent danger to people and process.






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