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Safely Managing Invisible Risks in Your Breathing and Process Compressed Air


Safely Managing Invisible Risks in Your Safety Critical Automated Processes


Helping Our Clients Manage Risk in Their Business in a Range of Sectors.

Oil and Gas / Energy
Petrochemical and Refining
Pharmaceutical Industry
Commercial Diving
Food and Drink

We Identify the Risk and Help You Manage It - ALARP


What if we were to tell you that in your operational and production processes there's an inherent risk to the health and safety of your colleagues and customers and to the quality and efficiency of your business? A risk that you can't see. We can see these risk and we can deal with it. Safewell is a leader in the life cycle holistic safety management of industrial processes. We analyse all the key factors that influence safety outcomes. We work with our clients to generate awareness and then help clients implement best practice in a number of areas where poor risk visibility in a process can cause harm to employee's, loss of corporate reputation or adversely effect product / service quality.

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Working Globally With Our Supply Chain

Donaldson Filtration Solutions

Donaldson Filtration - Global Leader in Compressed Air and Gas Purification

Safewell is an authorised energy sector distributor for Donaldson Filtration Solutions 'Compressed Air Products' division. Donaldson CAP manufacture a complete range of compressed air, gas and fluid filtration and separation products. The technology is applicable in all industrial sectors such as Food and Pharmaceutical Manufacture and extends from the compressor to all points of use including safety critical applications such as respiratory protection.