12th February 2017

Measure Your Compressed Air Consumption and Save Money

Compressed Air Flow Measurement

Many large companies in the industrial sectors invest hundreds of thousands of pounds, procuring and installing compressors and compressed air distribution systems in their factories. Compressed air is the fourth utility and is used in a large number of different process applications in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sector such as product manufacture, product packaging, machine control, powder conveying, metal finishing; the list is long. The initial design of the compressed air system is based on the estimated compressed air demands of the process at the time of specification. At this stage the quantity of compressed air required by the process is often a best estimate and in reality the actual process consumption may be effected by a nurmber of elements such as growth of the enterprise, process effiiciency, overdue maintenance, leakage and human factors. Compressed Air is a very expensive utility and the efficiency of the compressed air system is essential. Intelligent management can literally save an organisation thousand of pounds per year in overhead costs. You can only manage compressed air consumption by your process if you measure the consumption in real time and establish a benchmark. The best way to determine the actual amount of compressed air required by your process is to fit a flow meter on the main distribution pipework to the process.  

 Safewell can help you specify the best solution to meet your requirements. Precise Flow sensors are available for easy mounting and dismounting under pressure. ATEX versions are available for installation in hazardous areas and solutions are also available for flow measurement of other gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon.

 You can download the compressed air and gas flow measurement brochure here  Flow 2017 EN V00 SAFEWELL