12th February 2017

Compressed Air Leakage Can Cost Thousands of Pounds - Here's How to Manage it Effectively

Compressed Air Leakage

Leaks in compressed air distribution pipework systems can be a costly source of wasted energy, sometimes wasting 20-30% of a compressor’s output. A system that has not been well maintained may have  a leak rate equal to 20% of total compressed air production capacity.

For example a single 5mm hole in a compressed air distribution system can cost around £3300 per annum. Experience has shown that there may be multiple leaks of various sizes on a typical system. Proactive leak detection and repair can reduce leaks and quickly provide payback. 

Safewell can visit your site and carry out a complete leakage survey using an ultrasonic leak detector which detects leaks which are inaudible to human hearing. The Safewell technician will tag all the leaks identified and can either repair these or point these out to the clients on site maintenance staff. Ultrasonic leak detection can also be used to detect leaks on gas, vapour and vacuum plants, refrigerating plants and critical door seals.

You can download the leak detection information here   Leakage 2017 EN V00 SAFEWELL