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  • BAE Systems Case Study
    Safewell recently supplied BAE Systems with our ATEX Breathing Air Compressor with the addition of wheels and a handle for easy manoeuvrability. This solution provided BAE Systems with a reliable source of compressed breathing air from a machine which was safe to use in a potentially explosive atmosphere. To download the datasheet, please click here:  BAE Systems Case Study For…

Safe Compressed Air - Manage the Risks You Can't See

Safewell take a fully integrated holistic approach when designing or evaluating compressed air purification systems. Our key focus is on the end user application as this determines the quality of the air required. The maintenance of air quality at all times during the lifecycle of the purification system requires a full understanding of how to assess equipment performance, safety, efficiency and maintenance requirements.

Safe Compressed Air - Our Experience

For the last 15 years Safewell have generated awareness and best practice in the use of compressed air used for respiratory protection in the oil and gas industry. It is critical that respiratory air produced by a compressor is free of harmful and toxic contaminants and that air quality is measured and monitored regularly to assure compliance with BS EN 12021:2014, 'Respiratory Equipment -Compressed Gases for Breathing Apparatus, Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and 'COSHH L5 5th edition ACOP Approved Code of Practice; sections 190-200 - Respiratory Protective Equipment 

Clean Air? Take Care!

Safewell is working to promote the British Safety Industry Federation, 'Clean Air? Take Care!' Campaign.

BSIF and the HSE have provided posters, leaflets and DVD's to support the campaign and Safewell distributes these during training courses.

HSE estimates that up to 12,000 people per year are dying in the UK from respiratory illness acquired through life time occupational exposure to poor quality air during employment.

Human respiratory disease may develop progressively over many years and it is essential that safety assurance measures are implemented consistently to prevent risk.

The campaign message is that although such risks exist, by careful management... 'You Can Prevent It' and this chimes exactly with the Safewell Integrated safety assurance solutions preventing risk to respiratory health from poor quality compressed air.

pdf Download the campaign poster here (1.32 MB) or for further details visit the campaign web site

Safe Compressed Air for Respiratory Protection - A Complete Solution

Safewell provide a complete solution for risk management of compressed air used for respiratory protection including:

  • Supply of breathing air compressors with high safety integrity
  • Compressed Breathing Air purification equipment
  • Compresssed Air Analysers
  • System and equipment servicing, calibration and maintenance
  • On site air compressed air quality testing
  • Design consultancy and training and competence assurance for users of compressed breathing air

Safe Compressed Air for Critical Production Processes

The quality of compressed air used in certain manufacturing processes is also critical to safeguard the product quality and reputation of a brand. Safewell work with clients in the food industry to help them comply with the ISO8573-1:2010. This standard defines air quality in terms of different grade classifications suitable for different types of application.

Safewell work with clients to review their process and assess the quality grade of air required to fulfil the requirements of their product and sector.

We provide a complete solution for quality management of compressed air used in industrial manufacturing processes including on site audits, supply of air purification and filtration equipment, air analysis units, real time monitoring of air quality via the Internet, system and equipment servicing and maintenance, process automation, design consultancy and awareness training for clients engineering and maintenance staff. This includes energy efficiency assessment and recommendations to save clients money wasted due to aspects such as air leakage, inefficient filtration and condensate removal.

Safe Air - Diving and Medical Applications

Currently, Safewell are also assisting oil and gas operators to ensure the safety of commercial dive systems used on modern diving vessels by developing tailored, holistic safety management systems to guarantee air quality is of medical standard. Safewell’s Air Purification Process produces air quality in accordance with the European Pharmacopeia medical standards.