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  • Safewell QMS - Consistency Beyond Measure!
    On 17th May 2017 Safewell received an annual surveillance audit from NQA to validate compliance with the ISO9001 quality management system. The company passed the audit with flying colours recording zero non-conformances and zero observations. This is the 7th year in a row the company has passed its external audit with no NC's demonstrating quality consistency beyond measure. Ed Gardyne,…

Breathing Compressed Air

When the quality of ambient air is too risky to breath, compressed air is used for Respiratory Protection by operatives working in a number of industrial sectors including oil and gas, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, nuclear, diving and in medical applications. The quality of the compressed air is critical for the health and safety of the people breathing the air as contaminated air can have an immediate effect on their well being and long term health. Compression of ambient air concentrates the normal contaminants already present in the air and can also introduce other contaminants such as oil vapours, condensed water and bacteria. It is important that the risks are understood, controlled and monitored in accordance with compressed ar for breathing quality standards such as BS EN 12021:2014 'Respiratory equipment. Compressed gases for breathing apparatus.'

For employers in the UK this is a statutory legal requirement specified in COSHH L5 5th edition ACOP Approved Code of Practice; sections 190-200 cover Respiratory Protective Equipment and the UK Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Safewell provide proven high margin of safety solutions for the purification of compressed breathing air in accordance with EN12021:2014 and a range of International standards including Grade D, Pharmacopée Européenne; DIN ENISO 7396-1; BS4275; ANSI/CGA G.7.1; Z180, 1 M85; AS2299-1979; NZL5813.

The Safewell 'SafeAir' ALG10 breathing air purifier removes particles, oil, water vapour, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. The equipment is fully pneumatic and is ATEX certified for use in Zone 2 and Zone 1 hazardous area applications. A range of units is available from 2 - 24 operatives using air fed masks and full air suits. Safewell provide full sales, technical and aftermarket support.

We also provide a maintenance service and carry out air quality testing on behalf of our clients to ensure breathing air purification equipment is fit for purpose.