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  • BAE Systems Case Study
    Safewell recently supplied BAE Systems with our ATEX Breathing Air Compressor with the addition of wheels and a handle for easy manoeuvrability. This solution provided BAE Systems with a reliable source of compressed breathing air from a machine which was safe to use in a potentially explosive atmosphere. To download the datasheet, please click here:  BAE Systems Case Study For…
31st March 2015

IEC61508 & IEC61511

It is essential that all those involved in the planning, design, development, implementation and management of computer-based systems used to automate industrial safety-critical processes such as commercial diving, follow a clearly defined systematic process to assure the functional safety of these systems during their complete life cycle from concept to…
31st March 2015

ISO-8573 & ISO-8573.1

Vital Importance of Quality The quality of compressed air used in industrial processes is specified in the International ISO 8573 standards. It is vital that the quality of compressed air used in your process is in accordance with the required standards to prevent risk to product quality, human health and…