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  • Safewell QMS - Consistency Beyond Measure!
    On 17th May 2017 Safewell received an annual surveillance audit from NQA to validate compliance with the ISO9001 quality management system. The company passed the audit with flying colours recording zero non-conformances and zero observations. This is the 7th year in a row the company has passed its external audit with no NC's demonstrating quality consistency beyond measure. Ed Gardyne,…

Air Purity Analyser APA (Mk1 & Mk2) Lifecycle Safety

In situations where compressed air is used for respiratory applications, or in manufacturing processes where the air is in direct contact with the product, the Air Purity Analyser is an essential tool for safety assurance.

The Safewell Air Purity Analyser is used to validate the safety of compressed air used for respiratory protection in accordance with BS EN12021:2014 so it is essential that the lifecycle safety of the product itself is carefully managed. When using Compressed Air Purity Analysers of all types it is vitally important that the concept of 'Lifecycle Safety' is understood.

Certain APA units supplied by Safewell have been deployed for nearly 15 years in the field and they are still operating safely so it is clear that the APA product will provide long service but only if the product is calibrated and maintained professionally by technicians who fully understand the health risks associated with contaminated compressed breathing air.

Safewell manages the service, calibration and testing of hundreds of APA units and associated sensors, such as Electronic Pressure Dewpoint Sensors, in the field for a range of clients in many different industrial sectors both onshore and offshore. Units are calibrated annually and a full calibration certificate is provided. Safewell also manages the lifecycle documentation for their clients and can provide replacement certificates on request.