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  • Safewell QMS - Consistency Beyond Measure!
    On 17th May 2017 Safewell received an annual surveillance audit from NQA to validate compliance with the ISO9001 quality management system. The company passed the audit with flying colours recording zero non-conformances and zero observations. This is the 7th year in a row the company has passed its external audit with no NC's demonstrating quality consistency beyond measure. Ed Gardyne,…

Air Purity Analyser Consumables and Testing Accessories

To facilitate efficient and safe use of the Air Purity Analyser Safewell provides a full range of APA consumables and testing accessories including:

Drager Tubes - for measurement of oil, water, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and a range of other parameters as required. The tubes are supplied in packs of 10 and we hold stock of the most commonly used tubes. N.B. The air analyser can also be calibrated for use with Gastec tubes.

Drager Impactors - for safer and faster measurement of oil mist in compressed air.

Tube Cutters - to ensure that the ends of the Drager tubes are cut cleanly to prevent glass shards from entering the analyser. We keep tube cutters in stock at all times for immediate delivery.

Battery Chargers - sometimes the analyser's charger can get mislaid or lost during transportation offshore or Internationally. Safewell stock replacement chargers for immediate delivery.

Teflon Tubes - over time the teflon inlet tube used on the analyser can become worn. Safewell has a large stock of replacement teflon tubes for immediate delivery.

General Parts and Fittings - During service and calibration of the air analyser we can fit replacement parts and fittings depending on the condition of the unit. We only use genuine parts to prevent deviation from the original design specifications.