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  • BAE Systems Case Study
    Safewell recently supplied BAE Systems with our ATEX Breathing Air Compressor with the addition of wheels and a handle for easy manoeuvrability. This solution provided BAE Systems with a reliable source of compressed breathing air from a machine which was safe to use in a potentially explosive atmosphere. To download the datasheet, please click here:  BAE Systems Case Study For…

ALG10 Purification Units Lifecycle Safety

The ALG product range has been designed to purify compressed breathing air to a quality standard that exceeds the requirements of the International standard EN12021, providing a high margin of safety. In other words, the ALG10 will not switch from a safe to unsafe state in a short period of time however, with continued use and exposure to contaminated compressed air the performance of the product will gradually deteriorate to a point where maintenance intervention is required.

ALG10 Maintenance recommendations are defined in the user manual and based on the number of operating hours and results of regular air quality testing. Using the Safewell Air Purity Analyser to test the air quality allows the performance to be checked on a continuous basis.

When using compressed breathing air purification systems of all types it is vitally important that the concept of 'Lifecycle Safety' is understood.

Certain ALG10 breathing air purification units supplied by Safewell have been deployed for nearly 15 years in the field and they are still operating safely so it is clear that the ALG10 product will produce safe breathing air throughout its life but only if the product is serviced and maintained professionally by technicians who fully understand the health risks associated with contaminated compressed breathing air.

Safewell provides service and maintenance for all types of compressed breathing air purification systems from simple filter packs to fully integrated multi-stage purification systems such as the ALG10 and products from other manufacturers.

In every case the service and maintenance work carried out is based on the results of air quality testing to ensure that the breathing air is fit for use and does not pose an imminent or long term risk to human health.

To ensure fast turn-around we stock the most common spares and consumables for all Safewell products used by our clients.

Following equipment servicing and calibration, a full service report is prepared describing the work carried out and itemising the spare parts and consumables fitted. The equipment is then subjected to a final air quality test to ensure that the air meets the requirements of BS EN12021:2014

Service, calibration and air quality test records are then added to the client’s service log. This provides complete service history and traceability for the client and any external regulatory authorities such as the HSE.

Safewell is already helping major rental companies to guarantee the life cycle safety of their air purification assets in the field, including both Safewell and non Safewell products.

Contact Safewell today to undertake a complete assessment of your breathing air purifier equipment inventory and to help you take full control of lifecycle safety. We carry out full servicing and air quality testing at our workshop in Banchory.