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  • BAE Systems Case Study
    Safewell recently supplied BAE Systems with our ATEX Breathing Air Compressor with the addition of wheels and a handle for easy manoeuvrability. This solution provided BAE Systems with a reliable source of compressed breathing air from a machine which was safe to use in a potentially explosive atmosphere. To download the datasheet, please click here:  BAE Systems Case Study For…


Any industrial process or asset has a functional purpose that requires a myriad of inputs to achieve a specific and mandatory result. By applying sensors to measure the key output parameters and significant cost aspects such as product quality, energy consumption and maintenance requirements, the process asset can be optimised for efficiency. Gathering the measured data via wireless mobile networks and displaying the measured data on a secure Internet Server allows the data to be made readily available to all stakeholders in the business.


SafeWell works with clients to identify critical aspects of your business process. We then select sensors and install ViewProcess hardware to log your critical process parameters in real time. The data will then be automatically uploaded to your secure server account. Trend data will be automatically displayed. Automatic text messages will be sent to user defined mobile phones in your organisation and also logged on the secure server. Weekly or monthly reports may be generated. ViewProcess can link all critical members of your supply chain to ensure timely maintenance is carried out whilst guaranteeing the optimum efficiency of your assets.

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