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  • Safewell QMS - Consistency Beyond Measure!
    On 17th May 2017 Safewell received an annual surveillance audit from NQA to validate compliance with the ISO9001 quality management system. The company passed the audit with flying colours recording zero non-conformances and zero observations. This is the 7th year in a row the company has passed its external audit with no NC's demonstrating quality consistency beyond measure. Ed Gardyne,…

Your Key to A Successful Automation Project

When Safewell receives an automation enquiry the first stage is to work closely with clients to analyse the proposed system and develop and approve the user requirements specification or URS.

SafeProcess Software V Model

Once the URS is agreed, Safewell then produces a Functional Design Specification or FDS.

The FDS is the key control document used to manage the complete development from design to final site acceptance tests. The FDS is subject to formal approval and document control throughout the development and updated to reflect any changes in the URS.

SafeProcess Automation

A key component of the FDS is the safety section where the functional safety of the automation system is evaluated and specified. In safety critical applications where the automation system is used to reduce the risk of a process or machine operation, Safewell can help its clients carry out functional safety assessments and develop a Safety Requirements Specification or SRS.

Click here to learn more about Safewells' track record in Functional Safety of Automation Systems

SafeProcess Automation

Once the FDS/SRS is approved Safewell will carry out detailed design of the automation system including development of the system topology, communications networks and interfaces, hardware configuration, electrical schematics including sensor interfaces, software configuration, Human Machine Interfaces design and configuration, control panel manufacture, factory testing, site installation and commissioning.

Safewell is focussed on long term relationships with clients and strives to provide life cycle service and support throughout the lifetime of the automated system.

Please contact us if you require assistance with any process automation project, regardless of scale, and we will provide you with a cost effective, reliable and ergonomic solution.