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  • BAE Systems Case Study
    Safewell recently supplied BAE Systems with our ATEX Breathing Air Compressor with the addition of wheels and a handle for easy manoeuvrability. This solution provided BAE Systems with a reliable source of compressed breathing air from a machine which was safe to use in a potentially explosive atmosphere. To download the datasheet, please click here:  BAE Systems Case Study For…

Training and Competence Assurance

When using compressed air for breathing or in safety critical manufacturing processes, an essential part of our holistic approach to the safety lifecycle process is to create an understanding of the many process stages and their individual risk factors to eliminate the opportunity for complacency.

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Safewell's training courses benefit the entire organisation as any risks to asset integrity caused by the performance of the safety products and the affected work processes are direct risks to the health and safety of people operating in the business.

By participating you will learn how to mitigate risk through our continuous process of engagement, awareness generation and specific product training which also allows our clients to maintain a measurable level of operational improvement over time as the sharing of vital safety knowledge is encouraged throughout business growth, team changes and project developments.

A fully integrated example of this is the SafeWell Compressed Breathing Air Training course which we deliver to a number of major clients in the oil and gas, food & drink, petrochemical and refining, and third party training delivery sectors. This course has been delivered to over 500 end users working in fabric maintenance operations in the oil and gas sector worldwide including Trinidad, UKCS, Azerbaijan. It has also been delivered on behalf of operators such as the BP Fire Department at Sangachale terminal in Azerbaijan.

The course provides guidance on an entire holistic safety management system for users of compressed breathing air encompassing both classroom and workshop practical training. There is an emphasis on WHY? as well as HOW? to test the quality of compressed air used for breathing. The course includes: 

  • Legislation, HSE, COSHH L5 ACOP
  • Breathing Compressed Air quality standards such as BS EN12021:2014
  • Safety risks and their prevention
  • Health effects - both short term and long term
  • Importance of Breathing Air quality testing
  • The need for Effective Record keeping
  • Breathing Air purification safety barriers - different types, how they work.
  • Importance of lifecycle service and maintenance of all equipment used
  • Practical Workshop Use of air quality testing equipment to assure individual competence

Summary of Holistic Safety and Risk Management Courses provided by Safewell:

Other Bespoke Courses are available on request:

  • Lifecycle Service and Maintenance of Safewell ALG10 Purifiers
  • Lifecycle Service and Maintenance of Safewell ATEX Certified BA Compressor
  • Lifecycle Service and Maintenance of Compressed Air Dryers

N.B: These bespoke courses are tailored to suit end users, therefore, no standard narrative is available

The Safewell training and competence assurance courses are well received by delegates and the feedback is extremely positive

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